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Franchise Interviews Meets with the Wag N Wash Franchise

Wag N Wash
Franchise Interviews meets with the Wag N Wash franchise.

Some have referred to them as the Whole Foods of the pet industry. We are meeting with Dan Remus and Jeff Strauss, Co-Founders of Wag ‘N Wash Healthy Pet Center. Founded in 1999 and franchising since 2006, Wag ‘N Wash Healthy Pet Center is a full-line specialty retail destination for cats and dogs that has created a community for pet enthusiasts to come and be pet people.
With a mission to recognize, promote, and foster the positive impact that companion pets and their humans have on each other, Wag ‘N Wash provides the full experience - fresh dog treats baking in the oven, natural food, high-end supplements, clean grooming and wash facilities and cool toys.  Click the play button below to listen to the show.

Wag N' Wash Franchise Opportunity Meets with Franchise Interviews 
Many years ago, we had the opportunity to meet with Dan Remus and Jeff Strauss, Co-Founders of Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming.. We invited Jef Strauss, co-founder of Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming to discuss how the organization has grown. Wag N' Wash gives pet owners a highly personalized, "one-stop-shop" experience they'd never be able to replicate with a big-box pet store or an online retailer. Jef discusses the following questions:

Can you describe the Wag N' Wash concept and how it came to be?

How would you describe the Wag N' Wash franchise opportunity to a prospective franchisee?

How would you say the pet industry is doing right?

Can you talk a bit more about the Wag N' Wash culture?

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you since launching Wag N' Wash?

What is your outlook for what's to come for Wag N' Wash?

What advice do you have for those looking to enter the pet industry?

In Part Two, we play a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast