Franchise Interviews
Franchise Interviews Meets with TREND Transformations Franchise

TREND Transformations
Franchise Interviews meets with TREND Transformations franchise.

We have a great show today. We are meeting with Mike Mallory Vice President of Franchise Development in North America for TREND Transformations, a global full-service home and business remodeling franchise that offers stylish and affordable alternatives to traditional countertops, mosaic tile backsplashes and more through a one-day resurfacing process. Simply put, there is no other home renovation business quite like TREND Transformations. They offer a proprietary product and service that can't be found anywhere else. This is remodeling the way people have always dreamed it would be.  Click the play button below to listen to the show.  
In part 2, we play a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast.