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PI Worldwide
Franchise Interview with PI Worldwide





Over the years, Franchise Interviews has met with many services in franchising.  Today we are meeting with Dave O'Brien, consultant for PI Worldwide. 

 PI Worldwide® is a premier global consulting organization specializing in leadership and sales performance development. PI Worldwide works with companies  of all sizes to uncover data-driven insights to create and sustain a high performance culture.

Addressing critical business challenges from selection and employee development to succession planning, retention and sales force optimization, PI Worldwide.

PI Worldwide provides unlimited access to proven tools and learning programs, allowing business leaders to continuously uncover new levels of talent and value across the organization.  What makes PI Worldwide special in their long history. 


Since 1955, PI Worldwide has extended a passion for understanding talent into the boardroom, providing the data, expertise and global support to build world class teams in over several hundred countries, almost 70 languages and more than 8,000 companies – including many of the world’s largest corporations. 

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