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ZIPS Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Interviews meets with the ZIPS franchise opportunity

Don and Marty speak with Andy Cucchiara, VP of Franchise Operations, about how ZIPS is reinventing the dry cleaning industry to appeal to the fast food generation. Zips is a cash only, pre-paid business. Every garment is a fixed price - no gimmicks, no exceptions. Because the cleaning machines are in-house you can drop off your garments at 9am and have them by 5pm. Because of the pre-paid model customers are more likely to pick up their garments faster. Have you ever had your dry cleaning sit at the drycleaners for weeks? I have! Also, by having the cleaning machines in-house the franchisees are able to do higher volume at a quicker rate.
Andy discusses why ZIPS is a successful franchise in any economy, how the franchise builds from a strong support system and how they keep costs down by keeping inventory down. ZIPS, founded in 1996 and began franchising in 2006, ZIPS offers same day service "In by 9 out by 5" with the motto".

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