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Marty and Don found this to be an interesting concept.  One of the most difficult times financially for any new business owner is the time between signing the lease and when the cash register starts ringing. Interstate All Batteries Franchise and Development, the franchisor of Interstate All Battery Center (IABC), which has seen record franchisee signings this year, says it has built in a way to ease that with immediate sales opportunities before a franchisee's doors open. As a result, the company experiences increased sales, franchisee signings and especially franchisee satisfaction.
Through its proven business-to-business program, franchisees are able to hit the ground running, ramping up their business much faster than traditional retailers." In most cases, IABC sells franchise markets where the company's commercial inside sales group has already secured existing business. These established commercial accounts provide franchisees with immediate income and offer established customer bases. "In a competitive marketplace like franchising, it is critical to distinguish your concept," said Interstate Batteries Franchise and Development Director Justin Darland. "IABC's concept provides our newly signed and trained partners to begin selling in the business-to-business market immediately, even before they open the doors to their retail location."  Click the play button below to listen to the show.

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