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POP Weight Loss
Franchise Interviews Meets with the POP Weight Loss franchise.

We are meeting with Dr. Rebecca and Dr. Joseph Cipriano, founder of the new Pop Weight Loss franchise.
Pop Weight Loss, a weight management and healthy lifestyle franchise, has experienced tremendous success creating a weight-loss-as-lifestyle-change program to help the rapidly escalating obesity epidemic plaguing American men, women and children today. The "Pop" in Pop Weight Loss stands for personal, online and professional. The program offers personalized one-on-one support, online weight loss counseling, recipes, tools and suggestions, and each client is given a team of professional nutritionists.

In 2013, Dr. Rebecca published the book with her father, Kenneth Herman, EdD, a clinical psychologist titled, Pop: Burst the Diet Bubble and Finally Lose Weight. The book provides a step-by-step plan for losing weight, and is essentially a mock-up of the Pop Weight Loss program. The book also discusses how Dr. Rebecca struggled with her own weight loss after pregnancy, which is a primary reason, in addition for her passion for health and wellness, why she created Pop Weight Loss.

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