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The Decor Group

Franchise Interviews meets with The Decor Group

 We are meeting Blake Smith from The Decor Group (Christmas Decor, Nite Time Decor. At the Décor Group...Franchising is their business. Nite Time Decor is a member of The Decor Group, a conglomerate of lighting/decorating service and product supply companies that includes the Christmas Decor franchise system. Christmas Decor is the leading brand in Christmas decorating services and has gained national acclaim in the media and franchise industry for the success of the business. Housed in the same corporate headquarters, Nite Time Decor franchisees share many of the same resources as Christmas Decor franchisees. However, due to the scope and requirements of each business, Nite Time Decor has its own operational and support team. This experienced infrastructure and team of franchise support professionals ensure that Nite Time Decor franchisees gain full advantage in being a part of our franchise system.

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