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Franchising the Tree Industry with Monster Tree Service

Monster Tree Service
Franchise Interview with Monster Tree Service

Franchise Interviews started our broadcast with World Talk Radio. World Talk Radio was a big family and featured a variety of talk shows. Right before our show was a program called Arbor Talk hosted by Ken Six. I became friends with Ken and a fan to his show.  Ken would often remind me how much money was in the tree market.  

Today we are meeting with Josh Skolnick, founder of Monster Tree Service. Josh Skolnick, a career landscaper who started a multi-crew lawn care service while in high school, was often asked by customers to address their tree problems. Having no knowledge himself, he regularly subcontracted the task of customer's questions to tree specialists who could handle the job. Ever the entrepreneur, Josh promptly understood there was opportunity to capitalize by building up a professional tree maintenance business. Over time, Josh Skolnick created a method that could be duplicated.

Monster Tree Service (MTS) is professional tree restoration, pruning and removal service founded in Fort Washington, Pa. MTS provides skilled, reliable tree management experts to assist customers with the best possible tree care solutions, while giving prospective franchisees a rock solid reliable system to duplicate and grow their businesses. Monster Tree Service quickly became a multimillion dollar business built on fast and trustworthy service customers could rely on for safe and solution-oriented tree care. It has since become a franchise opportunity for business professionals seeking a duplicable system designed to meet the high-demand service of tree care.

In part 2, Marty and Don answer the question, "What is a franchise?"  Click the play button below to listen to the show.