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E Squared, young engineers
A franchise podcast with E Squared, young engineers



We are meeting with Amir Asor, CEO and founder E squared, young engineersE squared, young engineer's enrichment programs implement a balanced edutainment (the combination of education and entertainment) method. E squared, young engineers have created an assortment of programs that can be utilized to teach the most significant subjects. Children joining their educational community can learn and enjoy the likes of arithmetic, physics, and mechanical and software engineering.  They have created workshops suited to children at both ends of the learning scale, from gifted children to those with learning disabilities.


Unlike traditional teaching methods, their use of stories, experiments and demonstrations ensures that all children joining our enrichment programs will learn while they have fun. In fact, they’ll have so much fun they may not even realize they’re learning.  Learn more by listening to the show.  Click the play button below.