Franchise Interviews
Franchise Interviews Celebrates 10 Years of Podcasting- Past, Present & Future

Ask the frantrepreneur who owns one!

Franchise Interviews
Franchise Interviews celebrates 10 years and 500th show with Elzie Flenard.

Today, Franchise Interviews is celebrating our tenth-year anniversary and 500th show! Franchise Interviews started off as a newsletter in 2005. The following year (11/2006), Franchise Interviews turned into a weekly podcast on and joined the the following year.

Marty McDermott, the President of Franchise Interviews goes back to the very beginning with Elize Flenard. Elizie Flenard is an entrepreneur, musician and host of the popular business show/podcast Enterprise Now. Marty talks about the life changing events that ultimately led him to Franchise Interviews.

In part 2, Marty makes a surprise holiday announcement for listeners and in part 3 we finish with Marty's interview on WVOX with the popular Dr. John Tantillo.

Our 500th show is dedicated to my dad, Martin J. McDermott, the kindest, smartest and best man I have ever known.

Lastly, I would like to thank Don Johnson, my friend and co-host who was there when this all began.