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Welcome to Franchise Interviews.  If you ever dreamed of one day owning your own business, than you have come to the right place.  Franchise Interviews is one of the first websites where you can hear detailed interviews with some of the most informative sources on the topics of franchising and entrepreneurship.

People are hungry for good vital content (Keyes, 2009).  To date, we have recorded over 400 interviews on our weekly franchise radio show and podcast with some of the top franchisors, franchise experts, franchise attorneys, franchisees, and franchise authors.  We have met with some exciting new franchise concepts as well as some of the biggest names in franchising.  As a visitor to our website, all you have to do is click and listen.  You can listen to interviews by category or identify franchises alphabetically.  If you’re new to franchising, we strongly suggest listening to our interviews in our franchise experts category, where you can listen to interviews with some of the most knowledgeable sources in franchising.  

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy.  Live shows can be heard on Blog Talk Radio every Thursday at 10AM EST, 7AM PST.  It's no problem if you can't listen to the live show.  Each show is recorded and immediately placed in our library of audio archives. 


Since launching our weekly radio show, Franchise Interviews has had over a quarter of a million listeners to our weekly radio show.

Franchise Interviews has been syndicated on a variety of radio shows like,, Stitcher Radio, and Blubrry.

Franchise Interviews gives an up close and behind the scenes look at franchising.  It would literally take almost three weeks to hear every interview on this website.  By listening to Franchise Interviews, you will become one of the most knowledgeable people on the topics of franchising.  You will learn if franchising is for you, what franchise might be a best match for your personality and the keys to becoming a successful franchisee.  Now you can also follow Franchise Interviews on Twitter.  Finally, we would really love to hear from you.  Please send us a voice message with your comments or questions.